Your Guide to Writing Great Scripts for Explainer Videos

Videos are the dominating media right now in the online marketing realm. And, out of all the types of video clips that are found online, explainer videos easily make the top of the popularity list. With their combination of storytelling styles and with the aim to convey useful information and how-tos to their target audience, explainer videos have garnered massive public appeal for a variety of businesses. And, with the World Wide Web being an “information” powerhouse first and foremost, even search engines look favorably on explainer videos more than any other kind of video there is.

However, as great as explainer videos are, your business is going to need a sold script as the base of your video. And here are some guidelines on how you can create a great script for your business’s explainer video:

Research and analyse your business:
You’ll need to research and analyse your business model from every angle to see how you can use it for your explainer video. See which angle you can pick for your main theme. After all, you need to see what will interest and benefit your target audience most with this video. Also, check out other related businesses and their videos to see what angles they have used. (Mind, this part is mainly for research purposes so you can get an idea how to go about it.) Your explainer video needs to be informative and original above all else, though. So customize your business model to suit a great concept for an explainer video.

Understand what your audience wants and needs:
Now, remember that this video will be hopeless if it’s created from your point of you. No. What you need to do is figure out your target audience and then look at it from their point of view: What will your target audience find interesting and/or useful? How can your explainer video connect with them? What are their main interests? What are their needs, and which of them can you fulfil, and how?
These are the questions you need to find answers to for your explainer video. And it’s one or more of these answers that will form the solid foundation for your video’s script.

Pick a theme for your story and focus on the benefits:
Even explainer videos are stories. And you’ll need to pick a concept or overall theme for your storyline in the video that will attract your target audience. For instance, humor is always a good theme. So is emotion. Or else, you can even choose a more popular theme that’s in trend right now. (For instance, Star Wars themed videos.) And then, once you’ve picked a theme, you need to be careful that you focus on the benefits of your business and not just its features. For, the target audience will be more interested in the advantages they can gain from your business and product. The features, though, are more or less par for the course.

Keep these three essential points in mind while you sculpt a script and storyline for your explainer video, and you’ll be much more likely to experience success.

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