Trends Regarding the Popularity of Video Ads in 2016

Video ads have been rising in popularity and use for the past few years, the trend steadily rising at first and then shooting up. And, considering how visual today’s audiences are, it’s actually no surprise that video ads are only rising in popularity – and that they will continue to do remarkably well, especially in […]

How To Choose The Right Kind of Voice Over For Your Explainer Video

Audio works on a slightly more subconscious level than video does – meaning that it isn’t as obvious how it influences a message. But, the tone, the voice, the accent, and audio effects and background audio all play a key role in how effective and well-received your explainer video will be. And, as the voice […]

Everything You Need To Get Started in User Experience Design

Websites that exist today are not just about showcasing the products and services, but over the period of the last few years, they have evolved to become a medium of business growth for their owners. With all this complexity involved in how websites look and function today, the popularity of user experience (UX) has also […]

Your Guide to Writing Great Scripts for Explainer Videos

Videos are the dominating media right now in the online marketing realm. And, out of all the types of video clips that are found online, explainer videos easily make the top of the popularity list. With their combination of storytelling styles and with the aim to convey useful information and how-tos to their target audience, […]

7 Easy Tips For Designing Effective Animated GIFs For Your Website

Animated GIFs are pure marketing goldmines. You have the visual dynamics of a video on your site that is a fraction of the size an actual video or animation would have been. But, you probably already know how great animated GIFs are and that’s why you’re here in the first place. Well then, here are […]