Trends Regarding the Popularity of Video Ads in 2016

Video ads have been rising in popularity and use for the past few years, the trend steadily rising at first and then shooting up. And, considering how visual today’s audiences are, it’s actually no surprise that video ads are only rising in popularity – and that they will continue to do remarkably well, especially in the year of 2016.

Hence, if you’re in any position that is related to decision-making or strategizing in the marketing and advertising realm, expect video ads to be a big part of your strategizing in 2016 – no matter what industry, sector, or business you might be in the position to market, and no matter whether it’s online and/or offline.

So, when it comes to video ads in 2016, here are the trends you should keep an eye on:

1)Video ads are on the rise
Video ads – whether you’re talking about TV ads or Internet video ads – are on the rise. In fact, it’s practically a demand now that marketers and advertisers have video ads as part of their campaign. The current audiences are much more visually stimulated. And hence, they’re more likely to pay attention to video ads than any other medium right now. Now, the production and reach of video ads – both online and offline – have been on a rising trend for a while now. And this upward trend is only looking to be more prominent than ever in 2016.

2)The focus and budget for TV ads will shift from television to digital
The old trend was that TV was the best medium to promote video ads no matter the subject-matter. However, with the rise of the Internet – that easily facilitates all media of advertising – and with more and more audiences using the World Wide Web, marketers and advertisers are more likely in 2016 to focus more on video ads on the digital sphere (i.e., on the Internet) than on TV. One main reason for this is, of course, the vast numbers of Internet audiences who are visually inclined. The other reasons though, is that creating and finding ad slots and platforms for videos online is a whole lot easier, more versatile, and much, much more inexpensive than it is to buy and use a TV ad slot.

3)Video ads will dominate in 2016
With the popularity of videos and the positive reactions of the masses online to marketing, how-to, and ad videos, it is little wonder that 2016 will be seeing video ads dominate in the advertising sphere – especially online. Marketers are allotting a more generous budget for video ads, and more and more people online are accepting video ads. In fact, video ads are such a trend right now that they’re popping up everywhere and not just in video hosting sites like YouTube. In fact, the number of ads that can be skipped on such video hosting sites as well are actually reducing, and that has not deterred users from either the ads or the videos they were trying to watch in the first place. All in all, the trend of videos dominating is so prominent that, now, marketers can’t afford not to use video ads.

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